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WhiteCoat Announces New Practice Development Director, Amanda Chay

WhiteCoat Designs is pleased to announce Amanda Chay as the new Practice Development Director. In this role, Amanda will oversee clients’ physician outreach strategies by building relationships with referring physicians in the local community. Amanda will also manage physician liaisons in other North Carolina markets as the program expands beyond the Triangle.

Amanda will also assist in the management of the various medical marketing projects managed by WhiteCoat, including website design, practice brochures, articles and social media.

Amanda Chay began her career in the medical field after graduating with a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Counseling. As a coordinator for a medical company, she worked directly with physicians and medical professionals on grand round programs. Her next career endeavor was as a pharmaceutical sales representative with an American company. Combining her experience in marketing and sales, Amanda established her own business to assist medical device companies and pharmaceutical companies on building physician relationships and patient outreach. Now at WhiteCoat, Amanda serves as Practice Development Director.

Amanda can be contacted at [email protected]

If you are interested in WhiteCoat’ physician liaison program please contact President, Amanda Kanaan, at [email protected]

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