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How to Increase Doctor Referrals in Today’s Competitive Healthcare Market

picIn the medical community, specialists rely heavily on referrals from providers to increase patients and practice volume. Research shows that providers typically refer to specialists who they trust and have strong relationships with. The question remains: how do you strengthen referring relationships and build new relationships while keeping afloat in today’s competitive healthcare market? The answer is a Physician Liaison.

A Physician Liaison represents medical practices in the community to promote clinical services, treatments and providers. The liaison is a dedicated professional focused on strengthening relationships with loyal referring practices and establishing new relationships with non-referring practices; something that requires a consistent, on-going effort. Physician Liaison programs almost always pay for themselves in increased referrals and practice revenue, however, other benefits include:

  • Strategic promotion of desired services/treatments
  • Strengthen the practice’s/providers’ reputation
  • Position the practice/providers as experts in their field among peers
  • Manage negative feedback in a prompt manner
  • Keep an ear in the marketplace to anticipate changes 

We understand that the process of adding a Physician Liaison to your practice may feel like an overwhelming task. This is why WhiteCoat offers a 90 Day Physician Liaison Setup. We can provide you with the necessary training, support and education to help your practice strategically grow referrals while maintaining internal control of this program. Our successfully proven program is a three-phase process that includes:

  1. Research
  2. Strategy
  3. Implementation

Tasks accomplished in the research phase include a competitive analysis, on-site training of your dedicated Physician Liaison, marketing collateral review and referral analysis. In addition, we can assist your practice with the selection of an internal employee or an external candidate for the Physician Liaison position (this candidate can be full-time or part-time employee or contractor).

During the strategy phase, the marketing message will be crafted along with program’s short-term goals and long-term goals. A call plan will be created and the liaison will begin qualifying accounts.

At the end of the implementation phase, your practice’s Physician Liaison program will be fully operational with the tracking and data set in place. The Physician Liaison will be making his/her calls in the medical community and reporting these calls to the practice.

Benefits of Our 90 Day Physician Liaison Setup 

Affordability is an important concern when considering adding a Physician Liaison program to your practice. By working with WhiteCoat on the implementation of this program, your practice will be able to make a short-term investment that will result in long-term practice benefits.

Our proven program will pay for itself in new business. In addition, WhiteCoat focuses on providing cost-effective marketing strategies for the healthcare industry. We have implemented successful Physician Liaison programs in a variety of specialties, including infertility, vascular surgery, physical therapy, and oncology, etc.

Contact WhiteCoat today to learn more about our 90 Day Physician Liaison Setup. Or check out our other Physician Liaison services here.

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