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Doctors Who Blog & Use Social Media

Doctors Who Use Social Media

doctors-and-twitterThis page contains PHYSICIAN and/or PHYSICIAN GROUP blogs, Twitter pages and/or Facebook pages that meet ALL three of these criteria:
* blogs are authored by qualified and licensed physicians.
* authors currently practice medicine (should be identifiable via the blog)
* blog positioned for patients demonstrating subject-matter expertise for the purpose of credibility, education and business development
[applywithlinkedin jobtitle=”Developer” companyname=”d-Media” email=”[email protected]”]….
Emergency Medicine
GruntDoc: “I’m Allen, also known as GruntDoc. I chose GruntDoc as, when I was getting my first email address I was a doctor for the USMC infantry who are somewhat affectionately known as grunts. Although I’m no longer on active duty it still fits, because now I’m an Emergency Medicine doc who just works shifts. I’m a grunt in the Doctor world.”

Internal Medicine by Kevin Pho, MD


Neonatal Doc:


Doctor David by David Loeb, M.D., Ph.D.

Surgeon Sid Schwab, a mostly retired general surgeon.

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