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Cary Saineghi Promoted to Director of Marketing & Client Services

website1We are proud to announce that Cary Saineghi has been promoted to WhiteCoat’ new Director of Marketing & Client Services. In this new position, Cary will take an even greater role in managing all creative work and will help consult on clients’ marketing strategy. After working with WhiteCoat for almost two years, Cary has gained a wealth of experience in medical marketing and truly understands what it takes for doctors to increase their bottom line and enhance their brands in the local community. Cary will also be in charge of WhiteCoat’s entire creative team (graphic designers, writers, programmers, etc.).

According to WhiteCoat’ President & CEO, Amanda Kanaan, “Over the last two years Cary has proven herself to be an exceptional asset to the WhiteCoat team. Not only does she bring a unique creative vision to the work we produce, but also clients love working with Cary because she takes the time to listen to practices’ needs and truly cares about helping them succeed.”

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