7EVEN Elements that your Medical Homepage MUST Have

November 2, 2016

[symple_icon icon=”bolt” size=”normal” fade_in=”false” float=”left” color=”#fff” background=”#000″ border_radius=”99px” url=”” url_title=””]IMPORTANT NOTE: I often speak in terms of a “business” website.  Since most physician offices and their websites are designed to attract and bring in prospective patients, as well as nurture the relationship of existing patients, it is wise (in my humble opinion) to treat a medical...

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Top 10 reasons EVERY Doctor needs Click-to-Call

September 21, 2016

Top 10 reasons EVERY Doctor needs Click-to-Call Every month, the “Click-To-Call” is used by millions of visitors on mobile websites.  It’s no surprise then that a large percentage of those clicks are being made by current and prospective patients when they are trying to reach their doctor’s office for an appointment, directions or some other...

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Louise Griffin joins Whitecoat as Director of Physician Liaison Programs

July 25, 2016

WhiteCoat is thrilled to announce the newest member of the team, Louise Griffin. With over 14 years of medical-focused marketing and sales experience under her belt, Louise has joined Whitecoat as the Director of Physician Liaison Programs. In the past, Louise has worked closely with practices, hospitals and clinics to develop community-based programming, often focused around disease-state...

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