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AOA’s Coverage of WhiteCoat Design’s Talk in San Diego – “Web Marketing 101”

(Amanda Kanaan, President of WhiteCoat, spoke Monday, October 8th, 2012 at American Osteopathic Association’s annual conference in San Diego, CA)

Article published by The DO – AOA’s Membership Magazine

By Rose Raymond / Staff Editor
October 8th, 2012

Physicians are often quick to adopt the latest tools when it comes to treating patients, but they don’€™t always see a need to update technology in other areas of practice management, such as marketing.

Today’€™s physicians can’t afford to ignore the potential impact of Web and social media engagement on their business, said Amanda Kanaan, the president of WhiteCoat, a medical marketing agency that caters to physicians. Eighty percent of Internet users have searched online for health information, according to 2011 Pew Internet research. Web-shy physicians are missing chances to gain new patients, she said.

In an OMED session Monday, Kanaan gave tips to physicians on creating or revamping a website, driving traffic to it and using social media.

For physicians who have yet to dive into the Web realm personally, Kanaan offered a painlessly easy first step: Google yourself.

“Get out your computer, Google your name, Google your practice, and see what your patients are seeing when they Google you,”€ she said.

Physicians who haven’t done this yet will be fascinated by what they find, she said and will see the opportunity to market themselves online.

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